Lorenzo Susini Pop Gum Handle
Pop Gum Handle is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Furniture Accessories, Hardware and Materials Design Award Category.
Pop Gum Handle

POP GUM handle has a soft plastic cover and, with its smooth finish, is pleasing to the touch, cheerful and customizable. The cover is available in six different colours reflecting the emotional aspect of the audience and can be easily changed: you can choose the colour that fits your mood. The project springs from the desire to innovate a stereotype, the bicycle handlebar, joining it to the modern attitude for interchangeability and colours. The structure is in hot pressed brass with non-toxic gum covers and can be changed without any operations on the door.

Pop Gum Handle
Lorenzo Susini Pop Gum
Lorenzo Susini Handle
Lorenzo Susini design
Lorenzo Susini design
Enrico Cassina

The Porro Family has actualized, in the space of three generations, her passion for the furnishing accessories, combining the drawings and the art of the master engravers with the engineering precision of the final object. Furnishing accessories enhance the interior design project. The Porro Family destined the prestigious brand Enrico Cassina, with its philosophy of stylistic pureness, to offer the widest range of metal objects and “custom-made” solutions, with the guarantee of a 100% Made in Italy product. The Enrico Cassina handles and accessories become therefore “icons of signs” in the project of the architectural space.