Nazanin Akbarian Dehaghani Splash Pendant
Splash Pendant is Golden Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design Award Category.
Splash Pendant

Human’s perception from the world is obedient to his mind and his mind is obedient to platonic forms; these may prevent from understanding how complex it is. The unconventional shape of the pendant originates from the moment of collision between a piece of stone and water in a freeze shot. The fluid spiral form represents the water splashes and the pearl as a metaphor for a stone piece. Spiral forms are captured in the base structures of nature therefore its golden ratio makes a pleasant appearance for the eyes of user and provides a layer of emotional resonance that makes them want.

Splash  Pendant
Nazanin Akbarian Dehaghani Splash
Nazanin Akbarian Dehaghani Pendant
Nazanin Akbarian Dehaghani design
Nazanin Akbarian Dehaghani design
Nazanin Akbarian Dehaghani

Planted in Isfahan, Cultivated in Tehran. and looking for a place to bloom. Focused on women’s fashion and accessories and always open to new experimentation and ideas. With an industrial design background I am open to new perspectives and trends in design. I am inspired by things that are unexpected and utilized unanticipated issues. My passion to improve the quality of my works with international standards has always encouraged me to compete in international awards. To me fashion is not just about appearance but lifestyle and what makes identity.

Adore design Studio

Adore studio began its exploration based on the most recent design approaches. Designing creative works which are beyond the ordinary trends and proving that emotional resonance inspired by the forms found in the nature is what makes us want and goes much further than needs.