Universal Designovation Lab Llp Ctm Compression Testing Equipment
Ctm Compression Testing Equipment is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Scientific Instruments and Research Equipment Design Award Category.
Ctm Compression Testing Equipment

CTM has been designed with full digital control with pace rate indicators. Suitable for testing cement cubes and cylinders of various sizes. The portable units, which are small in sizes , sturdy and light in weight, make quality control testing possible in areas where commercial testing is needed. Additional this testing equipment can be control by special mobile. CTM has been designed to keep in mind of user-centered design approach so for that very advanced UI based control and visually animated graphic is created.

Ctm Compression Testing Equipment
Universal Designovation Lab Llp Ctm
Universal Designovation Lab Llp Compression Testing Equipment
Universal Designovation Lab Llp design
Universal Designovation Lab Llp design
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