Tiberio Maffeo laPlus Unconventional Electric Vehicle
laPlus Unconventional Electric Vehicle is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Futuristic Design Award Category.
laPlus Unconventional Electric Vehicle

laPlus it's a new kind of human vector designed to be the milestone of the next Age of Urban Mobility. It breakes with the usual transportation concept rejecting the use of wheels entrusting the task of the kinematics to special rubber tracks characterized by an internal "airless" structure which also functions as the suspension system. Two simple in-wheel electric motors allow laPlus to move like no other vehicle on road or in tight spaces.

laPlus Unconventional Electric Vehicle
Tiberio Maffeo laPlus
Tiberio Maffeo Unconventional Electric Vehicle
Tiberio Maffeo design
Tiberio Maffeo design
Tiberio Maffeo

He likes to think of itself as a forerunner. He won his first design prize before graduation, while his colleagues went mad for the thesis and then presented his first design project for a company when he was still a student. He likes to put some pleasant doubt in people's certainties with which he works and prospecting them an unexpected future. His satisfaction is to see people's faces change when they see one of his projects for the first time. He is extremely convinced that we should not wait for the future, but we have to create it, having some fun.


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