Kaixin Lin Funny Games Office
Funny Games Office is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Funny Games Office

To make sure employees feel the nature and comfortable atmosphere, the designer use concrete, wood and soft light to create a space more than office. For example, in the ceilinged entrance hall, grey antique bricks are used for the ground. the original white ceiling was shoveled away, exposing the original concrete. The way of sanding made the ceiling achieve the dustproof effect while has special and delicate texture. In the lights around the airfield,the space is more elegant in texture and more harmonious in scale.

Funny Games Office
Kaixin Lin Funny Games
Kaixin Lin Office
Kaixin Lin design
Kaixin Lin design
Kaixin Lin

Mr. Lin is a designer in pursuit of perfection and free, open, natural and humane spiritual space.

Lin Kaixin Design Co., Ltd.

Rejecting the impetuous formalism, Lin Kaixin Design vividly applies the harmonious living aesthetics of "based on humanities and integrate into nature" in the project practice to make the space return to nature. At the same time, he also grants the space with distinct characteristics as well as natural and cultural art scent by combining with new materials and new technology.