Ekaterina Ezhova Hotel & SPA Chalet Margeaux Corporate Identity
Hotel & SPA Chalet Margeaux Corporate Identity is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Hotel & SPA Chalet Margeaux Corporate Identity

Ekaterina Ezhova’s goal was to create a logo and corporate identity for a new small hotel situated not far from Moscow. She designed a stylized image for the hotel's facade which recalls an engraving of an old French estate. The interior, the documentation style, the attitude towards guests should create an impression that one is in a historical place. The corporate identity is the basis of the hotel's image, which contributes to its hospitality and respect for clients. Her color combinations choice, fonts, graphics, papers texture, printing method create a romantic old Chalet image.

Hotel & SPA Chalet Margeaux Corporate Identity
Ekaterina Ezhova Hotel & SPA Chalet Margeaux
Ekaterina Ezhova Corporate Identity
Ekaterina Ezhova design
Ekaterina Ezhova design
Ekaterina Ezhova

My name is Еkaterina EZHOVA, I am Russian artist and graphic designer. I was born in Germany and live and work in Italy. I have 22 years of work experience in various design areas. I create silk scarves design, tights and underwear packaging design, logo and identity design, pattern design, brochures and interior design, web design. I grew up and received my degree in Moscow, which culture combines European tradition and Asian thought. My philosophy, the manner in which I put forms and different themes together represent the eastern spirit and commits to fuse charm, craftsmanship and quality.

Hotel & Spa Chalet Margeaux

Hotel & Spa Chalet Margeaux – exquisite private Spa hotel, which has created a unique system of health improvement, high level of comfort and collected the latest achievements of cosmetology. Rooms are furnished with impeccable taste. The chefs Chalet Margeaux care about the health and mood of the guests. The menu includes the most delicious and healthy dishes. A сozy atmosphere, a soft music, and a pleasant conversation during the meal will create a magical mood of the holiday. In the evening relax by the fireplace with a cup of tea, you can look through magazines or choose a book to read before bedtime. The hotel is located in a quiet and picturesque place near Moscow.