Ta-Wei Yu A Table Residential House
A Table Residential House is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
A Table Residential House

With all prior compartments knocked down, a long table horizontally derived from the central pillar is parallel rested under one of the axes along the cross-beam and protrudes bilaterally to define functional spaces. A table could be a partition, a banquet table, a reading desk, a vanity table etc. The separatrix between public and private domains is thereby enabled; while the projection of waving scroll in vision is spatially unfolded.

A Table  Residential House
Ta-Wei Yu A Table
Ta-Wei Yu Residential House
Ta-Wei Yu design
Ta-Wei Yu design was founded by Mr Ta-Wei Yu in 2004. Mr Yu is a distinguished and famous designer who is passionate in projecting excellent architecture & interior programs.”Do appropriate design measurably for every customer/guest enthusiastic in the same idea and persuasion. ”, which accurately and precisely explains constant chase in the career of design and promise to be responsible for each client. His works got recognition for every client, Chinese Society Of Interior and Asia Pacitic Federation of Architects/Interior Designers.