Anne Dumont Grass and petals Necklace
Grass and petals Necklace is Silver Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Jewelry Design Award Category.
Grass and petals Necklace

Grass and petals is a small necklace and bracelet collection made from metal, silver or brass, and fresh flowers. These are to change each day following season or simply your wish. The vegetal part transform the jewel into a adaptable jewel. The metallic part is the extension of the grass or flower, being really a stem wich wind onto the body. It is no more boundary between the metal and the vegetal, the second is the continuity of the first one. The bracelet has as feature to be as well a floral jewel to wear as a floral sculpture.

Grass and petals Necklace
Anne Dumont Grass and petals
Anne Dumont Necklace
Anne Dumont design
Anne Dumont design
Anne Dumont

Anne Dumont is civil engineer, born in Brussels in 1966. She is specialized as jewelry designer in adaptable jewelry. She developped in 2011 Jewel Box, a collection where the modularity is based on the use of toys building bricks principle. In 2013 she created the Gravity concept, a collection of adaptable jewelry using the threading and the gravity for its modularity. Actually she is working on a third project, being the natural step after the two first. Her philosophy : "Creating tomorrow beauty by wedding art and innovation"

Anne Dumont

Anne Dumont is born in 1966 in Brussels/Belgium. She studied engineering and worked in IT and management during 20 years. Doing no research in her job as engineer, and having a passion for jewelry, she decide to start research in jewelry. She is auto-didacte and find that it is what help her to do innovations in jewelry. She has dreams and having no usual knowledge in jewelry to do it, she has to imagine and create her own solutions. It's why her creations are so unusual, the combination of a jewelry passion and a engineer free to create concepts and designs based only on her own logic.