Boris Lutman Swich Wireless Charger
Swich Wireless Charger is Bronze Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Home Appliances Design Award Category.
Swich Wireless Charger

SWICH is an elegant stand that allows wireless charging for all devices compatible with Qi standard. Ceramics and wood are handcrafted, making every SWICH a unique piece of design. The upper pad is tilted at a 45° angle and enables an entirely comfortable view on the phone screen while while charging. The upper pad can be turned 90° in both directions allowing users to use the screen vertically or horizontally. Both surfaces are covered with high-tech material using the microscopic suction cups to assure a firm grip to all devices. The organic shape is designed to suit any environment.

Swich Wireless Charger
Boris Lutman Swich
Boris Lutman Wireless Charger
Boris Lutman design
Boris Lutman design
Boris Lutman

LUTMAN Design is a collective of Designers, Developers and Strategists who are passionate about helping clients achieve their goals and grow their brands. The studio founded in 2005 by Boris Lutman, has developed a variety of graphic and industrial products, such as Lipko, the unique Eurobasket 2013 mascot. LUTMAN Design starts by analysing the best way to bring ideas to life in the most creative, and logical way possible. In this way, in 2014 it developed SWICH, an elegant wireless charger that immediately gained great success on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. SWICH represents advanced technology that was developed at the end of the 19th century by Nikola Tesla, who spent his youth also in Slovenia, in a more refined and romantic form. LUTMAN Design Studio transforms technology into high-end design accessories, with particular attention being given to materials and functionality. With a child's curiosity and accumulated experience, the studio continues to develop new products that impress for their usefulness and elegance.

LUTMAN Design Studio

Lutman Design Studio is a collective of young artists and designers, established 10 years ago by Boris Lutman. The studio, led by a designer, is dealing mostly with overall image of a brand or product, graphic design, product design and innovations. A studio based in Europe, Slovenia was already well-off by presenting the Eurobasket 2013 mascot and keeps gaining attention. Some years ago designed some coffee machines and catalogs for Italian brand and some LED lighting for Slovenian company. Recently quite noted for their Kickstarter campaign with its product SWICH wireless charger, when the studio made first international appearance. Every design and redesign is a fresh page in the story of the studio, that is ready for new challenges.