shopping_cart product design Bird Wearable input device
Bird Wearable input device is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Category.
Bird Wearable input device

bird™ is an innovative wearable device which aggregates the entire spectrum of interactive methods into a ring-like accessory, comfortably worn on the index finger. With bird, the entire room transforms into a 3D interactive workspace: the user can interact with displayed images on any surface as if it were a touch screen, with accurate control and unparalleled sensitivity. Further interaction abilities include Remote Touch, Hovering, Depth Sensing, Gesture control and even mouse functionality.

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David has studied industrial design in Bezalel academy of art and design and ENSCI Paris from 2005 to 2012 and completed 2 years at the d-VISION program. As a son of an engineer and an art teacher David didn’t had a real choice of being anything else but a designer, a choice he’s more than happy with. He combines passion to design and technical expertise with an extensive managerial experience in a wide range of areas.

MUV interactive

MUV Interactive is a wearable solutions company, developing technology to provide accurate 3D location and motion sensing, and enable intuitive and natural interaction with the surrounding digital environment. Recently acclaimed a “Cool Vendor in Human-Machine Interface” by Gartner (May 2014), MUV delivers an advanced and innovative wearable device that simply fits on the user’s index finger. Intuitive interaction with displayed content is achieved from anywhere in the room, with revolutionary technology that aggregates the entire spectrum of interactive techniques: Touch, Remote Control, Depth Sensing, Gesture Control, Mouse Functionality, Voice Commands, and even a Laser pointer. MUV provides users with the true ability to Own The Room from the tip of the finger.