Mariano Badaracco Abierto Suite Hospitality.
Abierto Suite Hospitality. is Bronze Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Abierto Suite Hospitality.

The Abierto Suite was designed to present a new lounge/stand in the Abierto Mexicano De Tenis, a WTA prize, for Casa Cuervo, the renowned Mexican Tequila Company. The structure of a rhomboidal grid was chosen in order to give maximum strength to the structure, for it´s elegance and having in mind the external factors such as temperature and humidity in the area of Acapulco, and to get the feeling of exclusiveness to the guests inside but permitting the other assistants and the press to see trough. The stand was made in pure solid banak wood and measured 6,90 mts W x 10,40 mts L x 3 mts H.

Abierto Suite Hospitality.
Mariano Badaracco Abierto Suite
Mariano Badaracco Hospitality.
Mariano Badaracco design
Mariano Badaracco design
Mariano Badaracco

From painter in his youth to event designer and art director in Ninja, (the company who formed with is colleague Juan Chávez), Mariano Badaracco has developed the skills in design that took him from events, to furniture for brands, to bars (La Terraza in Cuernavaca, MX, for XX Beer; Panorama, a beach bar in puerto escondido, MX) and apartments for private clients. With a range of furniture ( sofas and tables) in production and hundreds of events between native Argentina and current home in México he´s a at a great moment of his career expanding his work in many directions.

Ninja Brand Fighters

Ninja is a Below The Line Agency with a strong foot on design. Being event design their primary source of income, industrial and graphic design are not minor quality services which are totally inhouse. Ninja believes in it´s creativity as the stepping stone to every project finding always a different but correct approximation to every given job. Formed in the year 2009 by Juan Chavez Sotelo and Mariano Badaracco has built a reputation among agencies and clients and it´s ranked in the 6th position in the event ranking of agencies review in the year 2014.