Dolmen Cyclok Bicycle Parking System
Cyclok Bicycle Parking System is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Street Furniture Design Award Category.
Cyclok Bicycle Parking System

Cyc-lok is a patented modular system providing convenient, secure bike parking backed by smart-technology and cloud-enabled access control. Cyc-lok features a new to market design based on interlocking wedges, creating a unique visual presence to complement any streetscape. The wedge-shaped modules offer the most efficient use of space when parking bikes and also allow the creation of a range of interlocking installation patterns. Unlike any other system, Cyc-lok is manufactured using flat, nesting elements which are stored and transported with maximum efficiency and then erected in minutes.

Cyclok Bicycle Parking System
Dolmen Cyclok
Dolmen Bicycle Parking System
Dolmen design
Dolmen design

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For cyclists who demand safe and secure bicycle parking at their destination, Cyc-lok is an access controlled modular bike locker system containing 12 separate lockers as part of one unit. Cyc-lok is completely enclosed, protecting your bike from 3rd party viewing, providing safety, security and is weatherproof which in turn allows the user to walk away knowing their possessions are safe and secure until they return.