Kazumichi Umezawa Sunshine White Cube Gallery
Sunshine White Cube Gallery is Bronze Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Sunshine White Cube Gallery

Sunshine White Cube (SWC) holds exhibition of modern art on a seasonal basis. The main function of this rental gallery is to exhibit artistic works made by up-and-coming artists. SWC are designed with natural light in order to create a interior "out-door exhibition" space. Flexible spaces and moving display wall are designed to satisfy different exhibition requirements. The great opening, shading and white unification wall not only enrich the space, but also connect the front park with SWC indirectly in the near future.

Sunshine White Cube Gallery
Kazumichi Umezawa Sunshine White Cube
Kazumichi Umezawa Gallery
Kazumichi Umezawa design
Kazumichi Umezawa design
Kazumichi Umezawa

SEA is an architecture studio based in Shanghai and Tokyo. SEA's work focus on public buildings and commercial projects. In the year 2014 SEA started Shanghai office in order to enter the Chinese market. During the year, a few projects has been done by SEA in China. Currently SEA starts to cooperate with some different areas such as business strategy consulting company (for professional commercial design) and Japanese traditional gardening studios in order to reach a design diversification.

Sea Studio

SEA STUDIO engage in architecture and space design. SEA STUDIO make up by two offices located in Shanghai and Tokyo. SEA applies an interesting Chinese philosophy – subordinate to nature. We provide quality projects for our clients. We have been delivering successful projects for a wide variety of commercial, cultural, and private clients across China recently. Our focus on issues of sustainability and art-culture contribution in our work set us apart and is in line with China’s development ambitions. Especially, the Shanghai office successfully delivers great coordination with the best of our local expertise to ensure that our clients receive high-end quality design that is implementable within the Chinese context. The Shanghai office is a home base for operations in China and provides local resources for clients, designers, consultants and company representatives.