Charmaine Leung Pencil Gifting
Pencil Gifting is Bronze Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Art and Stationery Supplies Design Award Category.
Pencil Gifting

Themed informative pencil sets with matching acrylic pencil rings; encompassing the convenience and aesthetics of ready packaged gifts. Minimise wastage of wrapping materials, through the use of an acrylic ring to bind the pencils that can be reused as a pendant for a necklace or for a key ring. Pencil themes started with British themes including London Underground, Cockney Rhyming Slangs; from the idea to reimagine and redefine the typical union jack British souvenir pencil for gifting, extending to include Morse Codes, love, cocktail recipe, broadening the scope and audience gifting pencils.

Pencil Gifting
Charmaine Leung Pencil
Charmaine Leung Gifting
Charmaine Leung design
Charmaine Leung design
I Am A

I AM A is a British stationery and gifts company. We design playful joy into every single one of our products. The kind of joy that makes you giggle out loud.   We think it’s important that a smile and a giggle be part of our production process from start to finish – it’s our take on a virtuous circle. We want the people who help us make you giggle to smile as well. This means we make and source our products in the UK, US and Europe.   A giggle is priceless; our products, however, are not. So, use them and pass on the smile. It’s all part of our virtuous smile circle.