Nina Athanasiou Akuma Video
Akuma Video is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Movie and Animation Design Award Category.
Akuma Video

Inspiration for this have been the wonderful drawings of artist and good friend Sven Ballenthin from Berlin / one of them is used in the end of the video as well. After a long inspirational dinner with him the whole idea for the project and video started to grow - a story about a demon coming to earth, hunting human beings to transform them into drawings. It is not a usual fashion film simply promoting the S/S'15-collection of Designer Nina Athanasiou, it is a strong and sometimes weird tale about our longings and needs and the urge to get something and make it our own.

Akuma Video
Nina Athanasiou Akuma
Nina Athanasiou Video
Nina Athanasiou design
Nina Athanasiou design