Jim Novack Talent Swarm Collaborative Cloud 3D World for Working
Talent Swarm Collaborative Cloud 3D World for Working is Iron Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Information Technologies Design Award Category.
Talent Swarm Collaborative Cloud 3D World for Working

The design of Talent Swarm has been specifically chosen to invite collaboration across a variety of languages and cultures. We favor light colors and simplicity, even though our clients are mostly engineering and industrial companies, to provide a friendly and entertaining experience. Many of the young professionals entering technical careers will expect, and even demand, interfaces which resemble those they are already used to in their daily tasks on their smartphones, tablets and portable computers. Those companies that cater to these expectations will triumph in the future.

Talent Swarm Collaborative Cloud 3D World for Working
Jim Novack Talent Swarm
Jim Novack Collaborative Cloud 3D World for Working
Jim Novack design
Jim Novack

Jim Novack is a humanist technologist, striving to make the many modern advances improve our lives and those of the less fortunate. His belief is that we should and could be enjoying a paradise on earth, given the understanding we have of food and energy production, instant communications and world-wide logistics and distribution. The challenge is to move away from pure consumerism and try to instill the sustainability and quality standards that will elevate the role of designers from mere product-pushers to the principal contributors to a more sane and healthy world that works together for the advancement of all.

Talent Swarm

Talent Swarm is a Collaborative Work Environment that merges Engineering Design, Equipment Procurement, Construction Supervision and Facilities Management Tools (BIM or Building Information Modeling) with an immersive 3D gaming environment to do global engineering work. Delivered as a Software as a Service ("SaaS") cloud computing platform, it allows swarms of remote, qualified engineering, construction and administrative talent to work in a collaborative manner in rich 3D immersive real-time environments similar to those of the current popular gaming software connecting thousands of users worldwide.