Christopher Anderson Ecto Handplanes Bodysurfing Handplane
Ecto Handplanes Bodysurfing Handplane is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Sporting Goods, Fitness and Recreation Equipment Design Award Category.
Ecto Handplanes Bodysurfing Handplane

Ecto Handplanes upcycle broken surfboards into thrilling high speed bodysurfing devices known as handplanes, or handboards. Bodysurfers are able to utilise the smooth glass surface and buoyancy of the Ecto Handplane to increase their speed and control whilst skimming across all types of waves. Designed with a uniquely refined shape that is the ideal volume for bodysurfing.

Ecto Handplanes Bodysurfing Handplane
Christopher Anderson Ecto Handplanes
Christopher Anderson Bodysurfing Handplane
Christopher Anderson design
Christopher Anderson design
Ecto Handplanes

Ecto Handplanes make bodysurfing easy, fun and fast! Ride the barrel of the wave radically deep, from small summer beach shoreys to big peeling reefs! Designed by Chris Anderson on the South Coast of NSW, Australia, Ecto Handplanes have a specific shape, volume and strap so they perform like an insane surfboard for your hand.