Sang Yoon KIM Moon Flower Lighting
Moon Flower Lighting is Iron Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Cultural Heritage and Culture Industry Design Award Category.
Moon Flower Lighting

This product is a result from the project to create new traditions By crashing the traditional crafted products and the high-tech engineering technology. An oil lantern “cho long bool” was a traditional korean light. Many holes and organs of a bamboo joint means the stamens of moon flower. The combination of a bamboo joint, “nature “ and a LED light “high-tech” Can make a more familiar mood for a room. It is essential to use LED lighting and CNC carving to get realistic functions. The back paper reflection gives a uniqe korean shyness as like as the moon.

Moon Flower Lighting
Sang Yoon KIM Moon Flower
Sang Yoon KIM Lighting
Sang Yoon KIM design
Sang Yoon KIM design
Sang Yoon KIM

Kim Sang Yoon has widened the scope of works in various fields from interior design to product design, exhibition design and more. His major work was the design of Yonsei University Song Do Christine Chapel and Gwanghwamun Harleys coffee shop. Most recently, he has been working on the contemporary reinvention of traditional crafts through collaboration with traditional craftsmanship.

Listen communication Co., Ltd.

Listen communication co. Ltd. was founded in 2013 by designer Sang Yoon kim. The name of the company was built up based on the philosophy that the communication between a designer and customer is important in the commercial design, such as interior and furniture design. Good design is the conversation between the past and the present and a dialogue between people and environment.