Marco Parolini Teca Lamp
Teca Lamp is Golden Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Teca Lamp

Teca is a wooden ceiling light made by blown glass, hand turned wood and metal. Each wooden lampshade is made by turning using various woods, enclosed in a bubble of blown transparent glass that levels the appearance. Elegant and exclusive for the high quality of the components, each piece is a unique and unrepeatable object. The main elements of this lamp are indeed the experience in woodturning and the fine research of the light through the wood. Each wood has its own story, its own reaction to the lathe and to the time, and only a thorough study of this story made this project possible.

Teca Lamp
Marco Parolini Teca
Marco Parolini Lamp
Marco Parolini design
Marco Parolini design
Marco Parolini

Slow Wood is an Innovative Startup, that works in the field of design related to woodworking. Sustainability, Made in Italy and Crafts: these are the fundamental values of a project that is cultural and social before entrepreneurial. The company wants to assume the role of a key player of high-end design, thanks to its network of Italian craftsmen and a select group of designers with a strong propensity to the development of quality projects and to hands-on approach. All this is made possible by the great know-how in the field of wood, beating heart of Slow Wood philosophy, which selects carefully precious and sustainable woods.

Slow Wood

Slow Wood intend to take a leading role in the field of Italian high-quality furniture through a network of skilled craftsmen, a solid team of designers, a deep knowledge of wood: a competitive advantage in both the production of unique pieces of art and the realization of tailor-made projects. In the age of speed, low cost and poor communication, Slow Wood is dedicated to the people who look for the essence and quality of life. We realize the value of the “Slow” philosophy and the beauty of slowness in relation to intention, approach and a sense of connection. With a network of more than 30 artisan businesses, a solid team of designers and a strong knowledge of woodworking and wood culture, Slow Wood intend to take the leading role in the field of Italian high quality furniture. Thanks to the partnership between artisans and designers, Slow Wood develops and sells pieces of furniture designed and produced exclusively in Italy. The artisan businesses in the network have multiple skills, allowing Slow Wood to be competitive both in the production of unique pieces of art and in the realization of more relevant orders. Moreover, a deep knowledge in wood culture allows Slow Wood to stand out between the traditional manufacturers, offering the use of wood species that are valuable but sustainable.