Michael Chijoff Tactica One Bottle opener
Tactica One Bottle opener is Platinum Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Category.
Tactica One Bottle opener

Tactica One is a precision bottle opening tool that reinvents the premium drinking experience. It is the worlds first composite bottle opener of its type and its unique design engages the user both visually and physically through its tactile surfaces. The composite material properties deliver functional performance in an ultra-lightweight and compact form.

Tactica One Bottle opener
Michael Chijoff Tactica One
Michael Chijoff Bottle opener
Michael Chijoff design
Michael Chijoff design
Michael Chijoff

Mike is the founder of Tacticagear. He brings an extensive background covering areas of product design and development, design education through to production, supply chain and logistics. He is a strong believer in collaboration and works closely with clients, staff, suppliers and networks creating new thinking across a variety of industries. He has been awarded local and international awards for his designs and is actively engaged in promoting design. In short, Mike loves to build stuff, figure it out and make it work.


Chijoff+Co is a Product Design and Development consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. We work across a variety of industries including medical, dental, soft goods and consumer through to pro-audio and industrial markets. Our clients include large organisations through to start-ups and entrepreneurs both local and international. We believe in a collaborative approach and work closely with our client our staff, our suppliers and our networks to deliver results. Some design insights include: * Creating intellectual property through design driven solutions. * Balancing design integration within business growth strategies. * Developing product design style guides to inform company wide product changes. * Strong associations with key networks to bring a wide range of solutions together in one place. * Multi-award award winning innovations * Development of Headvert - patent pending crowd branding innovation. * Development of the world first Beervaultâ„¢ technology for the Food & Beverage industry. * Development of Academic programs used to drive design thinking and innovation. * Development of design education initiative Paper Plane Academy creating over 10,000 budding pilots.