Guilherme Torres Mangrove Installation
Mangrove Installation is Platinum Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Category.
Mangrove Installation

Designed by the Brazilian architect Guilherme Torres for Swarovski Crystal Palace, the instalation is a big Voronoi diagram, which describes the division of spaces into cells with corresponding focal points, combined with the mangrove-root imagery, leding Torres and his team to design angled structures of acrylic tubes that are filled with amber-colored crystals and illuminated from within by LEDs. These root structures, which Torres wanted to look as if they were made of crystals, are set into shallow pools of water, against a backdrop of projections of an Amazonian sunset.

Mangrove Installation
Guilherme Torres Mangrove
Guilherme Torres Installation
Guilherme Torres design
Guilherme Torres design
Guilherme Torres

Guilherme Torres is a perfectionist, with a degree of poetic license, having part of it poured onto his skin. One of his tattoos “Work it harder, better, faster, make it over,” an excerpt from a song by the French duo Daft Punk, is so to speak a form of celebration of his work. The architect, who founded his company in 2001 bearing his name, loves to work surrounded by creative and enthusiastic youngsters. The multidisciplinary pool of professionals that his company recruits - from photographers to engineers - provides the conditions to handle client projects in ways unexplored by most other offices. When designing a building, they produce the not only the images, but they also create all the sales material and the entire visual programming. When designing houses, they can help on the choice of terrain to the delivery of the construction site with simultaneously designed interiors - all within the same train of thought and aesthetics. They still explore other fields such as expography, set design, and cinema. In 2017 his latest endeavor was to establish a branch in New York. Irreverence, the will to transgress and the pursuit of professional excellence - working hard, doing better and faster.


"In 1895, Daniel Swarovski, a Bohemian inventor and visionary, moved to the village of Wattens, Tyrol in Austria, with his newly-invented machine for cutting and polishing crystal jewelry stones. From this beginning that revolutionised the fashion world, Swarovski has grown to be the world’s leading producer of precision-cut crystal for fashion, jewelry and more recently lighting, architecture and interiors. Today, the company, still family-owned and run by 5th generation family members, has a global reach with some 25,000 employees, a presence in over 120 countries and a turnover in 2012 of 2.38 billion Euros. Swarovski comprises two major businesses, one producing and selling loose elements to the industry and the other creating design-driven finished products. Swarovski crystals have become an essential ingredient of international design. Since 1965 the company has also catered to the fine jewelry industry with precision-cut genuine gemstones and created stones. Showing the creativity that lies at the heart of the company, Swarovski’s own brand lines of accessories, jewelry and home décor items are sold through more than 2,350 retail outlets worldwide. The Swarovski Crystal Society has close to 300,000 members across the world, keen collectors of the celebrated crystal figurines. And in Wattens, Swarovski Kristallwelten, the multi-media crystal museum, was opened in 1995 as a celebration of Swarovski’s universe of innovation and inspiration." ( ntid=10007.228858)