Paloma L. Flores Agaves de Mexico Bottling
Agaves de Mexico Bottling is Iron Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Limited Edition and Custom Design Award Category.
Agaves de Mexico Bottling

Agaves de Mexico is a 500 hundred limited edition collection. It is the achievement of a practice never performed before, that joins together in a four 375 ml bottles set, the most representative liquors of Mexico. The exercise, merges the work of the silversmiths ( the cup, the tray ans the tops), with the diversity of Mexican drinks. The Tequila, the Sotol, the Sisal and the Mezcal (all four spirits)unite to create a jewel which aims to promote and disseminate the natural and cultural heritage of Mexico.

Agaves de Mexico Bottling
Paloma L. Flores Agaves de Mexico
Paloma L. Flores Bottling
Paloma L. Flores design
Paloma L. Flores design
Paloma L. Flores

Paloma L. Flores is the Central Creative Mind behind Estudio Volador. Characterized by her ability to see the world from different perspectives, her broad vision and creativity has led her to become a way that allows to reinvent, rethink and innovate in projects and products of traditional industries where it seems that everything is done.

Estudio Volador

We built a studio that could fly, where we could observe the world from every angle and see it beyond. We understood that we needed to perceive and question everything. We allow us to go to places where irreverence is welcome and explode ideas surprisingly, to enter and share. We learned to communicate our ideas by flying, we learned to land, and to treat others dreams with care. We became experts in creating new and extraordinary things. We get to know those that allow us to enter their world until we make sure we really KNOW them. Then we change their environment. That is our task. We create experiences, we open perspectives and we change patterns. Sometimes we get to the point by distorting reality, by shaping it previously with unheard ideas. The concepts, the products, the images, the experiences and the solutions that convey specific messages are developed by us to connect the senses and the dots that our clients give us. It was that day, when we took the task of altering things and we concluded that the only way to live in a place that we dream is to create it ourselves. That’s how our studio was born.