Verda Alaton Cycles Ring
Cycles Ring is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Jewelry Design Award Category.
Cycles Ring

Cycles, 925 carat silver square ring, is designed with five movable plates connected to the center. Inspired by the talismans of West Africa, the plates symbolize the fingers, and the main body represents the palm. The designer brings together the idea of constant transformation and change, through infinite cycles and motion. The ring's surface reflects feminine light, and its geometric form represents strength. Cycles is a contemporary expression of rooted traditions and a way of taking them into the future.

Cycles Ring
Verda Alaton Cycles
Verda Alaton Ring
Verda Alaton design
Verda Alaton design
Tohum Design

Verda Alaton has created Tohum out of her lifelong passion for natural beauty. Born into an artistic family in Istanbul, she fell in love with far away lands and primitive cultures from an early age, and has studied their art for many years. As a designer, Verda Alaton has found her inspiration in the simple beauty of ethnic arts, particularly native adornment which combines natural forms with powerful expression. Discovering their uninhibited relationship with nature has been a big influence on her work. During the five years she spent in New York, she worked with African art experts and started collecting tribal artifacts and accessories while working on her first design ideas. In 2008, she launched Tohum to bring to life her unique perspective with a passionate belief in simplicity and expressiveness. A devoted traveller to all corners of the world, she continuously collects original pieces for her designs and finds new sources of inspiration for her future creations.