Rajshekhar Dass Micro Taxi Mobilizing masses in India
Micro Taxi Mobilizing masses in India is Iron Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Category.
Micro Taxi Mobilizing masses in India

Rajshekhar Dass led a team of 3 transportation designer Smitesh Chavanke, KAustubh Shetty, Vinay Raj Somashekar and Vipul Mane as digital designer. The project was divided in 3 phase for a period of 4 months. The final concept was coherence of: 1. Indian Cultural Influence 2. Serving basic needs and solving problems innovatively 3. Innovative package to accommodate more passengers. 4. Better travelling standards 5. Innovative solutions at affordable cost by reducing manufacturing steps (duplicate a part for multiple usages

Micro Taxi Mobilizing masses in India
Rajshekhar Dass Micro Taxi
Rajshekhar Dass Mobilizing masses in India
Rajshekhar Dass design
Rajshekhar Dass design
Rajshekhar Dass

Rajshekhar Dass is a final year Transportation design student at DSK ISD Rubika, India. As a designer he believes design is a great platform to work towards solutions in terms of transportation design or product design to evolve our living standards and make this a healthier planet to live in. Before getting into a design school he already worked for 4 years in various automotive job profiles, which has given him a good experience on technology, practicality, market demand and aesthetics of high end car brands. Now he is looking for new opportunity in the real world.

DSK ISD Rubika

DSK ISD Rubika is an International School of Design in India. The concept of the school is unique, based on a mix of students coming from very different cultures, and teaching them how to work in a unified manner within an international context. Design being a subject of creative power, stimulates many European students to discover life abroad, which in turn opens avenues to enhanced skill-sets. The versatile Indian culture aptly attracts these students for a new experience. As for the Indian counterparts, joining DSK ISD is a great opportunity to live an international experience while discovering new cultures and honing a new style of work without having to move abroad. Students' practice and personal involvement are key to their teaching methods. The courses at DSK ISD are divided into 2 levels: Foundation, where students learn the basics of the profession and Advanced, where they are taught to master the latest techniques and processes in terms of designing. During the advance course, the students also start working as teams on industrial projects in close co ordnance with local and foreign companies. An internship program is included during the advanced course, with two 6 month internship in the industry to be completed, because creating a synergy between the students and professionals is vital in the early stages.