Weena Lee Sh 12 Wall Clock
Sh 12 Wall Clock is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Award Category.
Sh 12 Wall Clock

SH12 is a wall clock, which plays on the relation of an object and its shadow to create concealment and exposure. It represents the subconscious nature of time, and reveals hours only by its shade / shadow. Shadow, is a living thing which only follows something that is alive. Time cannot be seen. Reality is controlled by time, and unreality emerges in shadow. The true essence of the passing hours is masked beneath an elastic fabric. A functional design, combining both hard and soft materials, mysteriously veils part of itself beneath a silky surface to bring forth the shadow.

Sh 12 Wall Clock
Weena Lee Sh 12
Weena Lee Wall Clock
Weena Lee design
Weena Lee design
Weena Lee

Weena Lee was born in 1990, Malaysian. She started her design journey in Japan, Kobe Design University. And become a member of Design SoiL in 2012, which lead her aimed to be a Designer. She was chosen to exchange to Kunsthochschule Berlin for Industrial Design studies. These effort results had won the IKEA Foundation and had a semester in Lund University. From Designs studies, she is fascinated by the connection between people and products. She believes that products are "living things" around, which can make our life better.

WL design

WL design is run by Weena Lee as her own design brand in 2014. She is fascinated by the connection between people & products. Her works had been showed in Japan, Italy and Germany. Her designs have been resulted in prizes included IKEA Siftung. Her works have been known and published in medias and international exhibitions.