Juliana Pippi Nova Bossa Interior Design Show
Nova Bossa Interior Design Show is Bronze Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Nova Bossa Interior Design Show

The space was divided in a way to neutralize attention. Forming a transition area, Juliana chooses a breath, a pause, for the visitor to establish communication. The living room and bar the talking circles the toasting. Cannott miss the cosiness. Smooth colors, cupper, leather and Brazilian exquisite wood are all around. Juliana detaches the ultra fine floor of 1x3 meters the wooden ramp and the Neobambu revestiment that is covering a big frame and the ceiling. Furniture combine pieces of Jader Almeida, Paulo Alves, Tadeu Paisan, Pedro Mendes, Studio Bola, Latoog among others.

Nova Bossa Interior Design Show
Juliana Pippi Nova Bossa
Juliana Pippi Interior Design Show
Juliana Pippi design
Juliana Pippi design
Juliana Pippi

I am a person passionate about art, music, design and architecture. They say or very curious and that's why I travel so much. I am a researcher trends, new cultures and behaviors. I love colors and appreciate the craftsmanship of each people I know.

Juliana Pippi Architecture Design

Juliana Pippi, Florianópolis, is one of the names that stand out in the national interior design market. In front of the office since 2000, and coordinating a team of 9 professionals, the architect collects some reference titles in the segment. For three consecutive years won place among the most active professionals from all over Brazil, the Top 100 of Kaza magazine Award for 8 years in a row receives awards for Santa Catarina Center Decoration (NCD), receiving this year the top prize of the institution - Best NCD state. Participant of several decorating shows, since 2008 has signed more than 15 environments and received the Casa Cor Santa Catarina two titles of "Best Project" edition in 2013, according to the visiting public and jury composed of journalists in the area, with space Room Husband Gourmet. Among the international awards has more than 8 awards at the International Property Awards, the world winner being on the category Public Service Interior. Committed to create differentiated and with a lot of personality environments. You are always traveling, researching and updating the search for new technologies to life. The architect can keep your line of work marked by functionality, the creative use of colors and the combination of different materials with different textures. Today signs projects in many capitals of Brazil and is increasingly focused on serving foreign investors.