Chiara Minì Bike Break Mobile Kiosk
Bike Break Mobile Kiosk is Golden Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Category.
Bike Break Mobile Kiosk

Bike break is a moving kiosk, provided with an e-bike for the transfers. It is projected for pedestrian zones and parks, in which the introduction of the vehicle do not undermine the environmental interest. Bike break is a human- powered transport energetically autonomous, so it does not electric or hydraulic cables. His technology make it zero impact and easy vehicle. In addition to his technical features, It has an attractive and modern design that encourage people to have a drink or coffee.

Bike Break Mobile Kiosk
Chiara Minì Bike Break
Chiara Minì Mobile Kiosk
Chiara Minì design
Chiara Minì design
Bike Break

The Bike Break is created as a contemporary mobile working design that delivers a different image of the itinerant peddler. Its design is a modern departure from the traditional cargo bike. Chiara Minì designed the Bike Break. Its point of difference is an integration between the vehicle and the kiosk, in a unique structure. Bike Break is an eco-friendly vehicle and also its production is meant to be green. Indeed it is based on recycling materials and their Life cycle, from their manufacture to their recycling or disposal.