Andrea Mazo Viadero Worknic Lunchbox
Worknic Lunchbox is Bronze Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Food, Beverage and Culinary Arts Design Award Category.
Worknic Lunchbox

Worknic is a product that enhances the dining experience at work, which transmits the warmth of being at home and improves the quality of life. It thinks about modern society, quality of their break time and the way that food affects their body and mood. It is an intuitive object to use: the food is disposed to eat when opened; the cover allows to cut or sharing food with those around; the different containers can be used for all kind of foods or situations needed; it fits in any minimum space because of its shape and has a tight lid suction that holds for all containers.

Worknic Lunchbox
Andrea Mazo Viadero Worknic
Andrea Mazo Viadero Lunchbox
Andrea Mazo Viadero design
Andrea Mazo Viadero design
Andrea Mazo Viadero

Andrea make products thinking in how to do a better day. How her products can enter into people´s home to make feel them happy. She thinks that the good design is in the details and encompasses everything that is around the product. That is packaging, display in a store, price… She is a passionate for the natural and sustainable materials. The wood is currently used in her designs, and she likes to work it in all possible ways

Andrea Mazo Viadero

Andrea Mazo is a young designer from Santander based in Madrid, Spain. First, she studied Interior Design at Escuela de Diseño Vinsac in Santander (2010), and after she finished her studies of Product Design at Escuela Superior de Diseño in Madrid (2014). This designer is interested in the study of human behavior, habits and how to find ways to improve them with products, using design as experience. The pure lines and the sustainable materiales are important in her designs