Kazunori Takeishi The BowTie Bow Tie
The BowTie Bow Tie is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 3D Printed Forms and Products Design Award Category.
The BowTie Bow Tie

The BowTie, by Monocircus, is a bow tie made by 3D printing technology. It is a bow tie made in nylon plastic and needs no tying like the typical fabric bow ties. To put it on, simply slot it onto the button of any collared dress shirt. It is easy and comfortable to wear and stays in shape and style without the need for adjusting. The checkered mesh structure creates an interesting visual impact, yet maintains a simplicity that is suitable for different fashion styles and occasions whether formal or casual.

The BowTie Bow Tie
Kazunori Takeishi The BowTie
Kazunori Takeishi Bow Tie
Kazunori Takeishi design
Kazunori Takeishi design
Kazunori Takeishi

Kazunori Takeishi is an architect (registered first-class in Japan) who is proficient in 3D modelling and design. In 2011, he started MONOCIRCUS, a design studio based in Fukuoka, Japan where he works together with his partner, Lim Shing Ee, a Singaporean artist. Their work ranges from artwork such as sculptural installations to interior and architectural projects as well as 3D printed items mainly fashion accessories. They do not limit themselves to any specific genre of creative work. MONOCIRCUS has an online store with an international clientele, that features and sells their 3D printed creations. To date, their work has been featured in exhibitions, events, magazines and publications internationally.


Monocircus is a design studio based in Fukuoka, Japan, founded and run by a husband and wife team, Kazunori Takeishi who is a Japanese architect and 3D designer and Lim Shing Ee who is a Singaporean artist. With their architectural, design and art backgrounds, together they establish a portfolio of works that ranges from art installation, public sculptures to architectural, interior and product design. Monocircus has a web-based store that features and sells original 3D printed fashion accessories that caters to both English and Japanese speaking clientele around the world.