Murat Gedik MG Assos Electric Car
MG Assos Electric Car is Iron Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award Category.
MG Assos Electric Car

The vehicle is a single door concept designed for four people.Its spare batteries are designed as lithium ion batteries and will be activated when the main battery is consumed in order to provide energy for an additional time to avoid stranding.The sliding door system of the design allows everybody to get out of the vehicle at the same time.Its wheel rim concept was inspired from a traditional motive called kundekari which means hold, grasp and is associated with the road grasp and catch of the wheel.The form of design's stop lamps is inspired from sea waves due to location of town Assos.

MG Assos Electric Car
Murat Gedik MG Assos
Murat Gedik Electric Car
Murat Gedik design
Murat Gedik design
Murat Gedik

MGD-Studio, creates architectural concepts and projects, interior design, automobile and furniture design, futuristic and environmentally friendly designs.

Murat Gedik

Born in 1972 in Istanbul, Turkey, Murat Gedik studied Construction Painting. Since graduation, he has worked for several reputable architecture firms. He designs architectural futuristic concepts, high-rise buildings, future warships and automobiles as a freelance designer. One of his automobile designs was awarded 2nd place in category 'Ergonomy' in last year's car design contest held by Automotive Exporters Association, in Turkey. His concept project 'Field of Flowers' was awarded by A Design Award in Architecture, Building and Structure Category in 2014. His architectural concept design project named ‘Xcept’ was published in a notable Turkish architecture magazine called ‘Tasarım’ in May 2008, 181th edition. He continues his designs in different fields both domestic and international.