Ana Lisa Luças La Gondola bio Card Box
La Gondola bio Card Box is Bronze Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Packaging Design Award Category.
La Gondola bio Card Box

We wanted to get a modern, ecofriendly and environment concern look just by look. Resulted in a 2 coulor packaging, reducing costs and ink wastes. We reversed the usual card, did not use the white side of the card, so it would show the recicled. We used 2 faces of the cardbox like a puzzle to make a bigger display and have more breathing space making it cleaner and created somme interaction with the consumer. The client whated diferent languages so we did not put all languages in the same packaging but use the printing plan with diferent language packaging.

La Gondola bio Card Box
Ana Lisa Luças La Gondola bio
Ana Lisa Luças Card Box
Ana Lisa Luças design
Ana Lisa Luças design
Ana Lisa Luças

Graphic designer/ Illustrator based in Portugal, she started her hone company in 2002, with expeience in many fealds, she likes to confine tradicional tecnics with digital work. Along the years she has specialized in packaging. Now illustrating and using more in her work.

Fabrica de conservas La Gondola

One of the oldest canning plants in Portugal, it was founded in the thirties by Italian people. They maintain traditions which keep them in a different position of other companys. Their canned products are manufactured by the tradicional "pre-cooked" method, exclusively with fresh fish and following a concious criterion the production "by campaign", in wich the fish os considered on its conditions of maximum qiality and flavour.