Ayhan Güneri S.I.S. Application Retail, shop
S.I.S. Application Retail, shop is Iron Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
S.I.S. Application Retail, shop

During the preparation of the concept of Sport In Street, the interests of the young people are taken into consideration such as technology, street art and social media.Because of that materials that are used had to be the ones that are seen in everyday lives.While focusing on this it was also essential to be as fast as possible in terms of manufacturing.A specular effect was caught with the neon writings of slogans, brick structured walls, concrete coatings, metal ceilings which gives an effect of industrial visualization, street lambs, road lines on pavement, traffic signs and traffic items.

S.I.S. Application Retail, shop
Ayhan Güneri S.I.S. Application
Ayhan Güneri Retail, shop
Ayhan Güneri design
Ayhan Güneri design
Ayhan Güneri

Ayhan Güneri was born in Istanbul in 1965. After completing his primary and secondary education in Istanbul, he studied interior archictecture at Mimar Sinan University. Between 1989-1999, he managed industrial and interior design works together. In 2000, with his proffessional education and industrial knowledge, he established Ayhan Güneri Mimarlık Hizmetleri ( Architectural Services). Since, the beginnig of his proffessional works, he and his colleagues involved more than 100 projects in Turkey and abroad. With manifacturing activity; textile-leather-shoe-furniture-law-insurance trade- automotive-chemistry-machine-electronic-computer software sectors, for areas of speacial life, we did shops-showrooms-offices-fairstands, they made for reflects companies corparate identity. They always interested in, physical and psychological conditions, ergonomi, functions of each space. Every project is a new exciment for them. At the end of the project, their interest not just the places, the most important thing is people, who live in that place, feel privilege, its their proud and happiness. They always pay attention to be innovative, radical and punctual when they improve the project. All the project they have start with business relations, at the end of the project they became a good friends. They appreciate for preferring them.

Sport In Street/Ziylan Group

The activities of the group were initiated by Ahmet Ziylan, by means of manufacturing custom-made shoes in a small workshop in the city of Gaziantep, early in the 60s. Thereafter the company switched to serial production on a small scale. During the early 70s, the shoes sub industry manufacturing was initiated in Istanbul. The first training shoes were manufactured in 1985. The company got its first brand Halley registered in 1987, and the growth process of the company thus started. Ziylan Group is currently the owner of Polaris, Kinetix, Flogart, Proshot, Torex, Halley and Rootless brands, all of which are registered. The Group concluded its first international deal with Greece in 1988 and hence the export activities of the group started. The company maintained its growth pace in the following years and nowadays it has become Turkey’s leading shoes groups, composed of 13 sister companies all of which, except for one, are involved in the shoes industry and the shoe related sub industries, as well as its trading. Various companies in the Group participate in a great number of local and international fairs and exhibitions all throughout the year, with the goal of increasing their exports.