Jose Angel Cicero Santander World Urban Sculptures
Santander World Urban Sculptures is Platinum Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Fine Arts and Art Installation Design Award Category.
Santander World Urban Sculptures

Santander World is a public art event consiting of a group of sculptures that celebrate art and envelops the city of Santander (Spain) in preparation for the World Sailing Championship Santander 2014. The sculptures measure 4.2 meters high, are made of sheet steel and each one of them are made by different visual artists. Each one of the pieces represent conceptually the culture one of the 5 continents. It's meaning is to represent the love and respect for cultural diversity as a tool for peace, through the eyes of different artists, and show that society welcomes the diversity with open arms.

Santander World Urban Sculptures
Jose Angel Cicero Santander World
Jose Angel Cicero Urban Sculptures
Jose Angel Cicero design
Jose Angel Cicero design
Jose Angel Cicero SC.

Jose Angel Cicero is an architect who also professionally develops art and cultural promotion projects. Architect founder partner of the firm MSAAGROUP based in Barcelona (, develops a comprehensive internationalization project that allows the company to open up markets such as Morocco, France, Panama and Colombia, which develop projects of architecture and urban regeneration. Today, in addition to his functions as an architect, develops and manages art and design projects with companies like "BATHCO", developing collections of washbasing made by artists and recently presented at "CEVISAMA" fair in Valencia, as well as a new brand of design objects call "PIPOL" , in collaboration with the communication company Kroma ADVERTISING of Puerto Rico and will be presented soon at the fair NY nOW.