Jeff Klok Gatorade Oliva Packaging
Gatorade Oliva Packaging is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Packaging Design Award Category.
Gatorade Oliva Packaging

Pushing the boundaries of conventional hot fill containers is no easy task. Pepsi together with Amcor joined in the development of a new ultra-light weight container to replace the current Gatorade global container and change the industry standard. The end result showed an astounding 30% reduction in material weighing only twenty-two grams; making it the world's lightest 500ml heat set container on the market! The athlete-first design combined with the strong Gatorade branding creates a dynamic shelf presence with added customer appeal and brand boosting power.

Gatorade Oliva  Packaging
Jeff Klok Gatorade Oliva
Jeff Klok Packaging
Jeff Klok design
Jeff Klok design
PepsiCo & Amcor LATAM

Amcor Rigid Plastics Latin American Region office is near Miami and focuses on customers throughout the Latin American region. The Amcor Design Studio develops packaging for the food, beverage, spirits and personal care markets across the globe. As a design studio we are a group of designers who have a passion for what we do with a variety of backgrounds -from automotive and furniture design, to branding and interior design. We are a team that has worked tirelessly to redefine the expectations of a supplier-based design firm and to bring award winning designs to our customers.