Constance D. Tew 108T Playhouse Boutique Hotel
108T Playhouse Boutique Hotel is Bronze Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
108T Playhouse Boutique Hotel

108T Playhouse is a boutique hotel that offers a glimpse into the Singapore way of life. Peppered with playful design elements that engage the senses, guests can learn about Singapore’s heritage, history and culture. An authentic experience awaits them as the suites are designed to be lived in, not just for spending the night. A destination in itself, 108T Playhouse welcomes guests to linger on its premises and experience what it is like to live, work and play all in one place - a phenomenon that is increasingly common in land-scarce Singapore.

108T Playhouse Boutique Hotel
Constance D. Tew 108T Playhouse
Constance D. Tew Boutique Hotel
Constance D. Tew design
Constance D. Tew design
Constance D. Tew

"Be curious. Be inquisitive." These are the key values that guide Constance through each day. She always reminds herself that life offers new opportunities to know and experience at any one time. Inspired by simplicity, rich flavors and class, she loves to travel and discover what ‘luxury’ means to people in different countries. Her passion and love for bettering lives through well-designed environments led her to establish her own practice in 2007. Thus Creative Mind Design was born. With a mission to "continually re-invent spaces to become more inviting, personable and even delightfully quirky," Creative Mind Design seeks to bring new perspectives and added value to property developments. The confidence that their clients have in them speaks of the dedication that Constance and her team possess in their pursuit of good design.

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Creative Mind Design is a Singapore-based boutique agency offering interior design services, including design-build services, project management and interior architecture consultancy. Creating fresh and compelling spaces for clients who desire something distinctive, Creative Mind Design brings new perspective to property development and inspires possibilities through innovative design solutions.