Altera Tasarım Stüdyosu Delight Outdoor Lighting Fixture
Delight Outdoor Lighting Fixture is Iron Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Delight Outdoor Lighting Fixture

Delight is a new generation modular lighting fixture designed for street lighting with emphasis to optical efficiency, application efficiency and environmental efficiency. Design language explored in Delight is the fusion of unique streaming surfaces creating an aerodynamic form for road lighting. It brings a new modular approach to LED outdoor lighting. The modular system, designed and optimized to achieve best lighting distribution for different type of roads, makes Delight a product family. The product family consist of three versions with the numbers of 1,2,3 LED Modules.

Delight Outdoor Lighting Fixture
Altera Tasarım Stüdyosu Delight
Altera Tasarım Stüdyosu Outdoor Lighting Fixture
Altera Tasarım Stüdyosu design
Altera Tasarım Stüdyosu design
Heper Moonlight

Heper Moonlight, a leading company in professional outdoor lighting from Turkey, was founded in 1994. Our product range is functional thanks to their design and technology, which makes Heper Moonlight a great solution for both residential and urban areas. With products sold throughout over 70 countries worldwide, Heper Moonlight is the supplier for all professional outdoor lighting needs. Heper Moonlight designs new lighting systems, as well as renovating existing systems to give them renewed life and flexibility. We examine the end user’s objectives and intended use of the venue, which helps establishing the lighting system and requirements, and provide detailed informaiton. We highly appreciate the respect shown by our customers and business associates. With the precious support of our customers, we will continue to convert our business into success together with a steady and positive image of Heper Moonlight both in the markets and in the countries we work.