Elaheh Tassavor Ginkgo Outdoor Light
Ginkgo Outdoor Light is Iron Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Energy Products, Projects and Devices Design Award Category.
Ginkgo Outdoor Light

Ginkgo Light is made from durable materials that makes it resistance to different climates and environments. Thus, Ginkgo Light can float on the water or sits at the table. The smart material allows the light to expands during darkness and closes during the day light. The sensor controls the pedal movements and directs it towards the sun direction through out the day to helps to absorb the maximum energy from the sun. In addition, they all lights can sync and can be controlled though the mother light.

Ginkgo Outdoor Light
Elaheh Tassavor Ginkgo
Elaheh Tassavor Outdoor Light
Elaheh Tassavor design
Elaheh Tassavor design
Elaheh Tassavor

Elaheh Tassavor is a graduate student at Academy of Art university in San Francisco, she is studying industrial design and got her undergrad in the same major in Iran. Her approach to design is an innovation in simplicity, and products that users can interact in everyday life, and they are meaning full. She is always looking forward to identify users behaviors, culture and need before creating new services or designs.

Elaheh Tassavor

Ginkgo as a brand is representing a modern and minimal designs. At Ginkgo. the end user experience is key; and is always trying to better the user experience. With that said and in mind, Ginkgo provides a well mixture between innovation, performance and product solution for the end user.