Minoru Kishimoto Xporter Neo Universal Smartphone Holder
Xporter Neo Universal Smartphone Holder is Iron Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Sporting Goods, Fitness and Recreation Equipment Design Award Category.
Xporter Neo Universal Smartphone Holder

"Xporter Neo" was developed to carrying smartphone in a state which increase its utilities. Nowadays, smart devices are not only essential to the everyday life, but also provides many functions available for sport and outdoor use. Services like manage training data with APP, jogging route escorted by GPS etc, all these make sport activities more effectively. With the use of "Xporter Neo", smartphones' wearability and stability can be improve with the use of the shock cord which stabilise smartphones to both body or hand for any activity scenes.

Xporter Neo Universal Smartphone Holder
Minoru Kishimoto Xporter Neo
Minoru Kishimoto Universal Smartphone Holder
Minoru Kishimoto design
Minoru Kishimoto design
Xporter Neo

XPORTER NEO has been created and designed by collaboration of two entities. FROMWEST INC and KAIRI EGUCHI DESIGN. KAIRI EGUCHI DESIGN is a design studio based in Osaka, Japan. With the main focus on providing design services for all kinds of products, which include consumer electronic, furniture, lighting, outdoor equipment, stationary, kitchenware and etc. "Discover the unknowns." is KED's design philosophy. Finding undiscovered possibilities with its client and together making innovative products to make our world a better one. Since the exhibition in Milan Salone Satellite in 2012, KED has began to expand its client network internationally.