7Larey Kona Coffee corner
Kona Coffee corner is Iron Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Kona Coffee corner

Everything looks so delicious at deli store. Why not to try it right now? There is a special place. Just add your cappuccino and take a sit at your private secluded spot in the midst of people with shopping carts. Sitting here under the dimmed light you can see everyone and everything through these Ā«tree branchesĀ» and nothing else matters. Object creates a cozy place for a cup of coffee just inside the store. No walls, but you're inside. Due to the circle-segment shape, it saves most valuable retail space. Inspired by lotus flower this structure looks friendly and soft.

Kona Coffee corner
7Larey Kona
7Larey Coffee corner
7Larey design
7Larey design
"Galereya Gurme", Deli store

"Galereya Gurme" is located in Tyumen, Siberian city in Russia. This is a local private enterprise that compete with national and international food retail chains on the small market of Tyumen. Almost all fight for the price. "Galereya Gurme", uses a completely different strategy. Four years ago it started as up-level supermarket. They have had all features wealthy customers used to have - wide range of delicacy, freshly baked and cooked food, well-trained stuff, 1500 square meters of stylish interior.