Edmundas Jankauskas Summer Garden Liqueur bottle
Summer Garden Liqueur bottle is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Packaging Design Award Category.
Summer Garden Liqueur bottle

Summer Garden is liqueur produced by the largest manufacturer of strong drinks in Lithuania, AB Stumbras. Since this cherry and chocolate, pear or coffee taste liqueur belongs to the cheaper liqueur category it is very important to express its taste and to stand out among other producers. The new design of the label has less different elements and no paper is used. In this way, the most relevant emphasis is placed on a vibrant and luxuriant colour of the liqueur which is an expression of its taste. The design becomes much more up-to-date, sumptuous, solid and at a lower price of production.

Summer Garden Liqueur bottle
Edmundas Jankauskas Summer Garden
Edmundas Jankauskas Liqueur bottle
Edmundas Jankauskas design
Edmundas Jankauskas design
Edmundas Jankauskas

Edmundas Jankauskas is a young and perspective designer from Lithuania. After finished studies in Vilnius College of Design, Edmundas now continues his education in Vilnius Academy of Arts and intents to enroll in a Master's degree. His approach to design is that it should be as meaningfull and effective as it can, also aesthetic, functional and lightweight. Every element of the project should be finished up to the very last milimeter or pixel. Edmundas' main work area is packaging and editorial design. He is also interested in interactive web design, has some expertise in web coding solutions, works on some national level web projects (like PHP-Fusion Lithuania National Support Site), helps organizing web developer events, like Hackathon - Lithuania Developer Days and other.


“Stumbras” is one of the biggest and most popular producers of strong alcoholic drinks in Lithuania. The distillery whose history, culture and traditions started in the end of the 19th century has been an indisputable market leader for many years. Through a century-long history we have grown really big, powerful, professional and wise. We are especially proud of the appreciation gained in our homeland Lithuania which is the real flattery for our company. Yet, „Stumbras“ overstepped state borders many years ago and thus is known in many neighbouring or far, foreign countries – the company exports its production to five continents out of seven.