Vincenzo Vinci Bunny Swivel easy chair
Bunny Swivel easy chair is Iron Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Furniture Design Award Category.
Bunny Swivel easy chair

Elegant with easy handling, the Bunny Low is created for multi-usage environments. Smooth lines and a soft shape make it inviting, cosy and extremely comfortable. In quiet hues, Bunny is relaxed and understated, but with vibrant colors it takes on a liveliness that still does not detract from its sturdy design. Exceptionally versatile and resilient, with different legs variations and a wide range of colors, it can readily suit many different environments from lobby to restaurant. All leg variations are removable and easy assembly allows for space saving packing and transportation.

Bunny Swivel easy chair
Vincenzo Vinci Bunny
Vincenzo Vinci Swivel easy chair
Vincenzo Vinci design
Vincenzo Vinci design
Vincenzo Vinci

He think that the “culture of project” has to consider aspects of aesthetic quality, manufacturability, communication and experimentation but also new problems like the emerging of cultures and sharing of common language, styles and trends through different customers from over the world. He say that every time he make a new design he learn new things, design process is not the result of only what people know, but also the understanding and the visioning of something that we still don't know but we have to discover through design development.

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Grado was born with italian background (known for the tradition of aesthetic, innovation, quality, comfort), it is named after our native italian word for “degree”, the brand name stands for a extra value in terms of uniqueness because is based on a inclined plane, easily we slip into: new ideas, continuous research and improvement for this you will know our design. Grado has natural inclination to celebrate uncomplicated design and strives to stay solid, straightforward. We believe that what we do has to stimulate the imagination of users so that even the most elemental shapes become charged with meaning and mystery.