Spaceroom Design Gignit Coffee and side tables
Gignit Coffee and side tables is Iron Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Furniture Design Award Category.
Gignit Coffee and side tables

Gignit is a collection composed of two coffee tables and one side table, inspired in nature and human contrasts manifested in the materials that were chosen. The rosewood and Parapan volumetric components are sustained by a stainless steel structure. Exclusivity, aesthetics and functionality were the main intention. Asymmetry and geometric volumes were purposely imposed in the collection, however details were never forgotten. Passion, technical drawing caution and team effort are inherent in all three tables.

Gignit Coffee and side tables
Spaceroom Design Gignit
Spaceroom Design Coffee and side tables
Spaceroom Design design
Spaceroom Design design
Spaceroom Design

The project of developing and exploring Interior Design came about in 2009, from a strong desire on the part of Mariana Esteves Serra to develop, deepen and create her theory and vision of the Interior Design. At Spaceroom the projects created and developed are of the highest quality, keeping the focus on the challenge of differentiation through exclusiveness and commitment extended to each project, translated into the needs and wishes of each client. Apart from the pieces designed and conceived by the studio, Spaceroom frequently falls back on classic and contemporary furniture from the great authors, both national and international, making sure each space is unique and unrepeatable. Each project that carries the Spaceroom signature is made up of details." Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. " William Morris.The Degree in Interior Design by ESAD, Superior School of Decorative Arts of the Ricar Espírito Santo Silva Foundation, gave Mariana Esteves Serra the vision to create a reference atelier where inspiration and creation are full of passion for the Art of Interior Design and Art in general. Her specialization in jewellery adds a touch of charm and glamour to projects signed by Spaceroom. The creative sensitivity allows her to anticipate trends, maintaining a personal touch on each project. Through the use of several custom materials, the designer integrates references, spaces and color concepts, making the difference, giving priority to the personality and needs of each client.


In 2009 Mariana Esteves Serra and Rita Valadão Gomes, friends who had met at college, opened Spaceroom, to further develop their passion for interior design. The two got their degrees at the prestigious Escola de Artes Decorativas, run by the Ricardo Espírito Santo Foundation. At Spaceroom they fuse architecture with design and decorative arts. The projects developed by Spaceroom stand out for their unique and exclusive approach to space, full of elegance and comfort, but always with form and utility in mind. The development of each project is guided by strict criteria in terms of choice of colour, material and texture, to the smallest detail. Nothing is left unattended. Besides the pieces developed and conceived by the studio, Mariana and Rita often resort to classic and contemporary furniture, designed by some of the great contemporary Portuguese and international authors, so that each space is both unique and adjusted to the tastes of the client. Dental clinics, offices, restaurants and private homes are among some of the projects already undertaken by Spaceroom. In order to bring these projects to life, Spaceroom works with an experienced team of engineers and construction staff for architecture and restoration work, as well as master carpenters and artisans for the construction of furniture. Spaceroom is guided by creativity and the vision of its founding partners, Mariana Esteves Serra and Rita Valadão Gomes. Creativity and innovation are guaranteed by a multifaceted team of decorative artists, including architects and interior designers.