Pradnya Phadke Garzisi Multifunctional Packaging
Garzisi Multifunctional Packaging is Silver Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Packaging Design Award Category.
Garzisi Multifunctional Packaging

Rather than just a packaging, Brandlore designed a functional product, a small object to preserve and reuse. Made in glass, wood and copper, the primary packaging with mortar-pestle along with tweezers is conceptualised to protect the precious and delicate stems from any contamination. The outer pack, inspired by the six petaled saffron flower, opens as if blooming to reveal the beauty inside and when turned inside-out, becomes a podium for the objects: a display! 90% handmade, the object/packaging compliments the saffron's lifecycle.

Garzisi Multifunctional Packaging
Pradnya Phadke Garzisi
Pradnya Phadke Multifunctional Packaging
Pradnya Phadke design
Pradnya Phadke design
Pradnya Phadke

With head office in Milan and network designers in 6 different vibrant cities of the world, Brandlore is a good partner for innovative and international project. Started in 2011 by Pradnya Phadke, a Strategic Designer, the studio so far has worked with clients from Various European and Asian countries hailing from multiple sectors. Brandlore specialises in Branding and packaging projects but are very enthusiastic about projects related to new product-service system design.

Brandlore Designs

Brandlore is a network of packaging and branding professionals. They have a head office is in Milan but most of their designers are based in various other leading cities of the world. With the aim to provide a true international vision, the team creates, compares and analyses the projects on a global level; making Brandlore a good partner for innovative and international projects. Brandlore specialises in building brand identities, packaging and designing small products. With amalgamation of different cultures and years of experience of working on various well known brands, they help their clients understand, adapt and succeed in the face of this change. Their clientele spans from Europe to Asia. But to them Start-ups are the most interesting projects; with clean slates and possibility of creating omnipresent brands of tomorrow.