Marta Gintere Restoring Cosmetics Packaging
Restoring Cosmetics Packaging is Bronze Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Packaging Design Award Category.
Restoring Cosmetics Packaging

As a result of a collaboration with Dzintars Ltd, a packaging design proposal has been formed for the company's new line - Restoring. The main feature of this product is that it addresses internal and external signs of aging. This is achieved by using the main component of the product – Kombuchka. The visual nature of Kombucha’s micro world depicts a notion of landscapes made of organisms that are visible in the shapes of various dots and tubes. This visual language is taken as a basis of the packaging design project for the anti - ageing product line Restoring.

Restoring Cosmetics Packaging
Marta Gintere Restoring
Marta Gintere Cosmetics Packaging
Marta Gintere design
Marta Gintere design
Marta Gintere

Marta Gintere is a graduate at Art Academy of Latvia, majoring in design. She is a Latvia based independent graphic designer with a soft spot for packaging design. She has taken part in numerous exhibitions and symposiums both in her home country and in other places in Europe – such as Paris, Manchester and Stockholm. During her design career she has made various environmental, social, product and graphic design projects. Her visual language can be both complex and simple at the same time.

Joint stock company „Dzintars”

The history of the joint stock company „Dzintars”dates back to the 19th century. Today, having walked a long path of development and changes, the company has become one of the largest manufacturers of bio-cosmetics and perfumery in the Baltic states and one of the most stable enterprises in Latvia, having over 600 employees. The quality of performance is certified by international standards and numerous awards. Since 2010 Dzintars manufacturer is licensed with international standard Ecocert that allows to produce organic cosmetics.