Mateja Kuhar Fabula Organic Pencil
Fabula Organic Pencil is Bronze Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design Award Category.
Fabula Organic Pencil

The pencil is made out of organic waste materials. The pencil design meets all the ecological standards. The colors and the pencil lead are also eco-friendly. The package is made out of recycled paper and is being recycled again by the user. The idea maximally utilizes recycling methods and creates an attractive eco brand. The brand promotes ecological education of children, healthy living, eco-actions and animal welfare.

Fabula Organic Pencil
Mateja Kuhar Fabula
Mateja Kuhar Organic Pencil
Mateja Kuhar design
Mateja Kuhar design
Organic Pencil "Fabula"

Project "Fabula the Organic pencil" is the winner of the competition My Green Zone of Zagrebacka bank 2015 (Zagreb/Croatia) -zelena-zona/organska-olovka-fabula. "Zelenkapica i Vuč" is an eco brand promoting eco actions, recycling, healthy living style, animal & nature protection. A non-profit organization is in establishment. All the products under "Zelenkapica i Vuč" brand are recycled and made from organic waste materials. The brand "Zelenkapica i Vuč" and subbrand "Fabula the Organic pencil" is a property of Mateja Kuhar.