Aidin Ardjomandi Celloridoo Composite musical instrument
Celloridoo Composite musical instrument is Bronze Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Musical Instruments Design Award Category.
Celloridoo Composite musical instrument

Celloridoo is a new musical instrument which is composed of a bowed string instrument like a Cello, and Didgeridoo, an Australian simple wind instrument. Celloridoo as a chordophone which is played by a bow is tuned in fifths, starting with A3, followed by D3, G2, and then C2 as the lowest string. The other part of the instrument as a aerophone is set on C key which is suitable for many kinds of musics. This part is played with continuously vibrating lips to produce the drone while using a special breathing technique called circular breathing.

Celloridoo Composite musical instrument
Aidin Ardjomandi Celloridoo
Aidin Ardjomandi Composite musical instrument
Aidin Ardjomandi design
Aidin Ardjomandi design
Aidin Ardjomandi

The Good Design Mark holder, Aidin Ardjomandi, is an awards winner designer. He has received Master of Industrial Design from IA University of Tehran in the specialization of aesthetics. In 2015 he won A’DESIGN Award by inventing a new brand musical instrument, the Celloridoo, which was a hybrid one by combination of Cello and the didgeridoo. Aidin is the official member of World Design Consortium, International Design Club, International Council of Creative Industries Alliance of International Business Associations and the International Association of Designers. He has been part of Jury members and executive committee of several design awards and competitions all over the world such as A’DESIGN Award of Italy, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, Design Excellence Award of USA 2018, Archstorming Design Competition of USA 2018, Asia Design Prize of South Korea 2019,LIT Award of USA 2019, Design that Educates Award of Germany 2019 ,2020 , Envent challenge of India 2019, Insutart Awards of Ukraine 2020 and ADA of Azerbaijan 2020. Aidin was the Manager of Marketing and events of Instituto di Moda Burgo in Qatar in 2019 and he is the Marketing advisor of Design That Educates Award and Architecture That Reacts is Germany and the International Relations Director of Azerbaijan Design Awards 2020.

Aylin Design

Aylin Design is the studio of design and digital arts that was founded in Tehran on 2013 by Aidin Ardjomandi in order to do various design projects. Young and talent Designers make Aylin Design Studio able to do diverse project such as Graphic design, 2D and 3D Animation, Interior and Exterior Design, Product Design and etc. Aylin Design is also expert on making products prototypes.