Clive Choo Musik Awareness and Advertisement
Musik Awareness and Advertisement is Golden Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Advertising, Marketing and Communication Design Award Category.
Musik Awareness and Advertisement

Band equipments have always been a very traditional art form especially in the aspect of retail. Music360 has chosen to break tradition and present these products in more edgy representations, with the idea of connecting with a younger crowd. This allows them to see and perceive this art form and retail in a different light. With the understanding that customers are more discerning these days and traditional way of product photos do not appeal and connect to them, Music360 seeks to appeal through creative and witty representations.

Musik Awareness and Advertisement
Clive Choo Musik
Clive Choo Awareness and Advertisement
Clive Choo design
Clive Choo design

Music360 considers itself the purveyor of the fine things in music. Armed with an ambition to change the course of perception towards musical instruments, music making and retail, Music360 seeks to revolutionize the traditional approach of viewing band music.