Helen Brasinika Petalis Integris Urban Lounge
Petalis Integris Urban Lounge is Bronze Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Street Furniture Design Award Category.
Petalis Integris Urban Lounge

Petalis Integris is an urban lounge inspired by flower petals and manufactured with concrete. The design aspires to take advantage of the structural and tensile specifications of concrete. A lounge that urges the users to interact in a more intimate style, promoting more communicative urban typologies. Emergent technologies in design and production enable its free flowing form manufacturing, while colored concrete gives an interesting range of color options that can enrich the urban environment.

Petalis Integris Urban Lounge
Helen Brasinika Petalis Integris
Helen Brasinika Urban Lounge
Helen Brasinika design
Helen Brasinika design
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