Appcessory Pte Ltd gosh! Joule Haute Portable Powerbank
gosh! Joule Haute Portable Powerbank is Bronze Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Digital and Electronic Device Design Award Category.
gosh! Joule Haute Portable Powerbank

Wrapped with Luxurious soft feel faux leather and trimmed with gold electroplated edges, the Joule Haute is not your typical Power Bank. It brings out the elegance and luxury of an ordinary piece of electronic device. Being sexy is not enough, it packs a whopping 8000mAh of battery power and engineered to the smallest and most compact size possible. Right down to details like going buttonless to reduce its overall size. The intelligent ICs allows quick charge for input at 2A and output at 3.1A.

gosh! Joule Haute Portable Powerbank
Appcessory Pte Ltd gosh! Joule Haute
Appcessory Pte Ltd Portable Powerbank
Appcessory Pte Ltd design
Appcessory Pte Ltd design

Gosh! is a brand created and wholly owned by Appcessory, a passionate IT accessories company. Appcessory own brands and manufacture products people desire. The foundation of this passion comes from understanding that the pleasure of having a smart phone, laptop or any other electronic products doesn't end just by owning it. It is about 'accessorising', and scaling up the experience, and that's the business. Gosh! aspires to reinvent and recreate every moment you have with your toys by designing accessories that are not just premium in quality, unique yet affordable, thoughtful and reliable all at the same time. This does seem like a tall order, but we are not going to buy our products, we can't expect you to.