Junya Nakai Aqua Fabric
Aqua Fabric is Iron Design Award winner in 2014 - 2015 Textile, Fabric, Textures, Patterns and Cloth Design Award Category.
Aqua Fabric

About his designing style. He said that the moment when you get something is very important to produce something. Many of his works uses natural raw materials - cotton, silk, and wool etc. He often got inspired by a lot of simple images of nature such as bark Trees, layered leaves or seashells on the beach. Then he wants to get closer to the same images in touch and texture reproduced into his works using natural raw materials as much as he can. Also he is keen on using natural materials which should go back to part of the ground eventually.

Aqua  Fabric
Junya Nakai Aqua
Junya Nakai Fabric
Junya Nakai design
Junya Nakai design
Junya Nakai

"I just want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares" -Saul Bass But, he has another opinion. Making up something in order to solve problems is designing. Designing should exist for something or someone. Also, designing should be beautiful. Then in textile design, colour is very important element. Colour is not only 'trend colour' but also can express social conditions of the present. Colour is healing people. However,colour will be able to such a armor protect yourself in business scene. We select what colour to wear depending on our status of mind whether or we are not aware of it. Colour can change fabrics impression as if it is a magic!

Afa 真砂三千代   (Masago Michiyo afa)

CLIENT Afa by Masago Michiyo (fashion designer) Established clothing brand "Afa"(meaning the sun in the ancient Japanese) using cloth in Asia and Africa in 1986. She is designing with ancient Japanese traditional way as twisting, overlapping and knotting. She designs up to costumes from everyday wear by natural materials. ********** OUR BRAND My fabrics brand name is "ORICA".That means weaving flowers. However, this is a coined word of me. Also, I have created a new character for it.Please, look at the brand logo of me. I would like to launch this brand as a woven fabric brand like stoles and scarves brand in the beginning, because almost textile designer's brands are printed cloths. I think, there are some worth. For this purpose, I have made networks to create new materials fabrics such as hand woven cashmere stoles and more.